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     March 13, 2018

     Brian Davis - TLB Radio

Jason Freeman - Jan. 29, 2018.  Credit: AP/Brian Melley
Charles Manson's grandson won the unusual and bizarre California court battle over the convicted murder conspirator's body on Monday (March 12).

Kern County Superior Court Commissioner Alisa Knight ruled that grandson Jason Freeman can take possession of Manson’s remains, which have been on ice in a Bakersfield morgue since passing November 19, 2017.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Brian. Sad that Helter Skelter Forum is gone but good news that you will be back in action.

Plofus67 said...

How do I listen to new shows,the page with all the shows only has shows up until June '15

Gary Stewart said...

Helter skelter forum is up and running.

Anonymous said...

Just a simple question; has Brian Davis called Governor Jerry Brown's office (unverifiable) or signed Debra petition? (verifiable). If not, why not?

Anonymous said...

Let this old dog die. This program hasn't been relevant since Nicolas Shrek was on. Unverified "guests" such as Garretson's "girlfriend" (who quite enjoyed pulling your collective leg)clearly exhibits that this program has run its course and struggling to be even entertaining.

TLB Radio said...

"Anonymous", (lol) I would say let me correct you on a couple points but fact is your entire post is needs corrected.

First, I don't care if you don't like or care for me or think the program sucks but we need to keep things straight so here's how those nickels roll:

"This program hasn't been relevant since Nicolas Shrek was on"

- The first thing you need to understand is the program is actually on hiatus and has been since summer. So any programs since then has been spontaneous, impromptu broadcasts, in some instances not even TLB related, and we still draw a couple hundred listeners without any promotion etc. So, relevant ? Thankfully, your opinion doesn't carry any weight.

"Unverified "guests" such as Garretson's "girlfriend" (who quite enjoyed pulling your collective leg)clearly exhibits that this program has run its course and struggling to be even entertaining."

- Regarding Patricia, she wasn't promoted or introduced as Garretson's "girlfriend" or having ever dated Garretson. She was at the guest house that week with her best friend (name escapes me as I am posting this)who was dating Garretson's best friend, Darryl Kistler. Also she was verified.

As far as entertaining ? well, seems like you still listen, so thanks !

TLB Radio said...

Oh and one more correction, his name is spelled, Nikolas Schreck. That's verified too.

Anonymous said...

Brian, my apologies. I let my dwindling interests in this case interfere with my good manners for a moment there. You're right I did listen and I was entertained. I usually engage my brain before firing off snarky posts. Samuel Adams and boredom were factors but not a good excuse. Glad to see you are still passionate about it. I think this case has run its course. The only upcoming news will be the death of the old man and maybe parole for LVH and/or BB when Cali gets a new guvner. So, of course, it is a difficult task to bring something fresh and interesting to a weekly radio show. To tell you the truth, I came to your site tonight hoping to catch a Sunday Night show. I was bored and I hate the Dallas Cowboys. All the best to you and I am truly sorry for being an ass.

Dave1971 said...

Keep going Brian i for one love the podcasts and youre one of the very few who actually questions things instead of blindly accepting the official narrative, i really look forward to the show

Susanatkinsgonorhhea said...

Bill Garretsons Memory here, good show tonight girlfriend lol

TLB Radio said...

Hey Gonorhhea, Brian Colie Fuckin -U- Davis here, great name for you, btw !

Of course it was a great show and a kick ass doc !

I'll be back to take you out like trash in just a bit....girlfriend. lol

Susanatkinsgonorhhea said...

Relax Barney Fife wearing daddies oversized jacket, go get some furnishings for your one room apartment lol

Susanatkinsgonorhhea said...

Thought you were coming back to school me Barney Fife, whats wrong Andy make you work overtime at the jail watching Otis the drunk? Lol

TLB Radio said...

Well, two things, #1 - I was all set to bag you up like the garbage you are, but then I read your Barney Fife comments and decided I really couldn't agree more there. HA HA !

In fact, you're actually paying me a compliment to call me "Barney Fife", the greatest Deputy Sheriff, per capita, in the history of law enforcement.

Barney Fife was so over and the similarities are uncanny !

For example, like myself, Barney Fife was loyal to his friends, served the
people and was a great American, having served in World War II.

Now, I admit I never served in any wars, but I did volunteer work at a library once.....or maybe that was community service.

Also, what straight guy wouldn't want to bang Thelma Lou ? Are you kidding ?

Barney Fife was so over and there's lots of great similarities between me and
the legendary American icon, Barney Fife. I'm flattered.

Besides, I've never had a problem with anyone's opinion of me.

#2 - I'm a little busy over the last couple days. For some reason being in a major true crime documentary makes a person's life get busy all of a sudden. Go figure.
You ever had that problem ? nah ? Yeah, I didn't think so.

But here's the thing, this is my yard and I have you bagged up like trash and
when you cross the line, and we both know you will eventually, or I get in a "mood"
I'll take you back out to the dumpster with the rest of the trash.

Meaning, Since Google doesn't have one, I've written my own html "code" or script
I can enter in anytime I choose and simply block you from even accessing my website

Also, I literally have ready and waiting, programs that will run tracers or
trackers on your IP address and see where your IP shows up around the internet and something tells me you're one of those dark web types likely
surfing for kiddie porn or some other sick stuff.

So, don't make run your IP address, I really don't want to know your sick internet habits, aside from Katie's blog.

I look like Barney Fife ? I look like Barney Fife's bowel movement ? You mock my $2500.00 stylin' and profilin' bright baby blue jacket ? You don't like me ? My program sucks ? you're gender confused and think I'm your girlfriend ? ALL Good !

But cross my line and I'm taking you out to the dumpster. Meantime, I actually am
busy with more important things than waste more time trading 3rd grade insults
with some igmo on the internet. Thanks for playing, drive home safely.

Patrick Perry said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Susanatkinsgonorhhea said...

Did you listen to the show dummy? He said he did that in response to them doing the same thing to him and shes doing it on the State of Californias time when she should be working AND possibly doing it on their computers

TLB Radio said...

Patrick Perry, first, I don't care nor want your "loyalty" and don't know what you mean by "any of you". I'm not part of "them". I'm on my own island. So you need get that straight right away.

Next, I don't need to reply vaguely and I don't feel one bit of guilt.

You apparently watched that moron's video but didn't listen to my show where I replied or you'd know your answer.

But, it wasn't a "their" its was "she" even though "she" looks like livestock.

And I didn't call her workplace because of her groupie fangirl interest in Charles Manson. If that was the reason, I'd be calling a lot of people's workplace.

I called because she keeps coming on my site to harass me numerous times during the day and she's doing it from her workplace. I feel her workplace should know.

Especially since she works for the State of California. I doubt they would consider that acceptable.

I called because she and her blog have doxxed me numerous times and called my employer in the past.

I called because she is pig vomit.

It's not my problem nor do I care if you or anyone else can understand it.

Also, there's something screwed up with you if you find entertainment value in a murder case.

With all that said, I do appreciate that you asked me instead of just assuming what that Boner said was accurate.

Patrick Perry said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Patrick Perry said...

Hi Brian, I appreciate the reply, that makes more sense. Perhaps "loyalty" wasn't a good choice of words. I simply meant that I'm impartial, and not taking any particular side due to a friendship, etc. As far as being sick in the mind for learning about the case for entertainment value, I guess you are misjudging me or what I'm trying to comvey. Somebody is watching all these true crime stories on television and I doubt it's only to solve a crime or set the record straight.

Patrick Perry said...

P.S. I had started listening to your shows before I asked the question, but have either skipped/missed that section, or haven't listened to the right episode. P.S.S. I find your shows very educational and interesting from what I have listened to so far.

Unknown said...

my name is nate mccarty an artist in henderson ky i was born on August 8th 1985 was raised in gibault school for boys where Charles Manson was as a child my mother's name is also kathy there is a connection mk ultra school gibault school for boys ive been in and out of trouble my whole life and have never hurt anyone im a good man a lover an artist a dreamer and I was just admitted to a mental hospital as an adult based on lies people have told about me I need help idk what to do im not mentally unstable and am being discredited slowly by idiots mindless drones that dont have a clue

Patrick Perry said...

Hi Nate, keep an open mind would be my advice. Good things can come from bad situations and even people you think are your enemy. Try to be like fish in water and go with the flow, I hope and believe things will get better for you. P.S. Don't get too caught up in the MK-ultra stuff, Charlie's downfall was 100% his own fault in the grand scheme of things.


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