January 24, 2016
Brian Davis - TLB Radio

Most TLB'ers are familiar with the 1960's outlaw motorcycle club, Straight Satans, due to their connection with Charles Manson.

As the story goes, Manson wanted the Straight Satans at Spahn Ranch for protection.

One Straight Satan in particular, Danny DeCarlo, was so enthralled with Manson and the girls that he would split time between his Straight Satans and the Family and affectionately earn the nickname, "Donkey Dan".

DeCarlo ended up turning states evidence during the Manson trial but still kept hanging around the Spahn Ranch and Manson Family during the trials.

Allegedly, DeCarlo's snitching court testimony proved to be the downfall of the Straight Satans as the motorcycle club faded out in the early 70's.

 In 1967, a 20-year old musician named Bobby Beausoleil met underground filmmaker Kenneth Anger and collaborated with Anger for Anger's cult movie, "Lucifer Rising".

However, the pair had a falling out and by 1969 Beausoleil drifted to Los Angeles where he moved in with another musician, Gary Hinman.

It was during this time period which Beausoleil would meet and associate with Charles Manson, the Manson girls and the Straight Satans.

One story has it that Beausoleil, wanting to get in good graces with the Straight Satans or possibly wanting to become a member of the motorcycle club, set up a drug deal for the Straight Satans through DeCarlo in which Beausoleil would buy $1000.00 worth of mesculine from Hinman for the Satan's.

Allegedly, the drugs were bad and made the motorcycle club sick. The Straight Satans told Beausoleil to get their money back.

The result was Gary Hinman was murdered by Bobby Beausoleil in July, 1969.

For years there has been the dispute of motive for the Hinman murder.

The other theory is Hinman had an inheritence that Manson wanted so Manson could finance his planned move to the desert.

But as more evidence comes to the forefront, it appears the "bad drug deal" story is the correct one.

Recently the Straight Satans have surfaced again online with an Instagram account in which they have announced an upcoming documentary about "Charlie Manson's army".

Will the truth of the Gary Hinman murder finally be revealed ?

Although these posts have since been removed, here's what the Straight Satan's are saying:

(screenshots are from the Straight Satans Instagram account)

No date has been announced for the upcoming documentary.

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