May 23, 2015
Jason Freeman
(Originally published May 15, 2015)
 What should one do?

I often get, "Why are you now coming out about your Grandfather?"

"Let it go, stop talking about and writing about it."

What's your honest opinion people?

 This is my view.

I've never talked about it, for 34 years. I wrote a little bio book and self published it.

I personally had questions that I wanted answered most of my life. The old man has
contacted me now for 4 years.

I'm not coming off as a follower, cult leader or a radical environmentalist that wants to save

I see those people out there. That's not me, ok.

What has happened in my life for years, I've made a lot of mistakes and I can relate to a lot of different situations in life. I've overcome a lot and still fight issues to this day.

This platform I've been gifted with to tell my story is solid and it just happens to be that my
Grandpa is one of the Worldly known so called cult leaders of the 60's.

Now is everything you hear true? Believe what you want.

Take from my story that I'm sharing what you can. Good or bad. Judge me, no you can't.

I'm just giving back. Giving back to me is sharing the tough road I made for myself.

If you think people and kids these days don't lose hope, you're wrong. I never have and never

You be a judge and a critic on your lawn and I'll work on mine.

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1 comment:

Robert Runner said...

Good to hear a balance of honesty with one's self.I admire him for taking care of his life. Robert- ATWA


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