May 29, 2015
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So where did the "fact" of Linda being chosen to go along and participate in the
Tate-LaBianca murders come from ?

Did Sandra Good tell that to District Attorney Vince Bugliosi ?

Did Linda herself tell this to Bugliosi ?

Nope. Vince Bugliosi told Vince Bugliosi.

Bugliosi himself "concluded" Linda Kasabian was picked because she was the only
one not in jail with a valid drivers license.

From the book Helter Skelter, Vince Bugliosi writes:

That Friday evening, about an hour after dinner, seven or eight family members of the
family were standing on the boardwalk in front of the saloon when Manson came out
and, calling Tex, Sadie, Katie, and Linda aside, told each to get a change of clothing
and a knife.

He also told Linda to get her drivers license, excepting Mary Brunner, who had been
arrested earlier that afternoon.

This was, I concluded, probably one of the reasons why Manson had picked Linda to
accompany the others, each of whom, unlike her, had been with him a year or more.

The only problem with that is, it isn't true.  At least not the valid drivers license part.

Kasabian was ticketed then fined in May of 1969 for not having a valid drivers license
in New Hampshire.

May 7, 1969 (From L-R, 1st Column, Last Paragraph) - Linda Kasabian Fined

"Well, so what Brian, maybe Linda got her legal license in California."

Yes, ok, except Kasabian reportedly was sent by Manson to the jail to deliver a message
to Bobby Beausoleil and Mary Brunner a day after the murders but couldn't get in
to see Brunner because...wait for it...wait for it...she didn't have a valid legal ID, which
would've been her drivers license.

Now, did Linda just tell everyone at the ranch or let those assume her drivers license was
valid ?

Did Linda tell Bugliosi that her license was valid ?

I don't know those answers but I do know Linda Kasabian did not have a valid drivers
license at the time of the Tate-LaBianca murders.

Bugliosi is wrong, yet again.


Anonymous said...

Manson picked Linda because she knew too many details about the Hinman murder and Charlie's involvement. A valid license had nothing to do with it. Linda may have known a great deal about the Crowe "killing" too. Manson needed something on her to keep her quite. When she supposedly ran off at Cielo without doing much, he selected her to go on the second night.

At LaBianca Linda did nothing illegal except receive, conceal, and dispose of stolen property. He didn't send her in with Tex because she might freak out. Manson saw her as a key danger to his survival and didn't know what to do with her. She knew too much. He needed to cook up another killing to dirty her hands just as he did Leslie.

According to Susan, Manson asked Linda if she knew anyone else that needed killing after they sent in Tex, Katie, and Leslie to do in the LaBiancas. Linda said yes and offered up Saladin Nader as the next murder victim.

Why did Linda suggest they kill Nader? All Saladin had done was pick up a couple of skanks a few weeks back, Linda and Sandra. Nader was just another nobody circling around Hollyweird and living in a dump. He had made "love" to Linda, which was more likely paid for prostitution. Perhaps Linda set up a dope deal and got burned by him. Or, ole Saladin refused to pay her for the sex.

grimtraveller said...

A drivers licence was not the only form of ID that one could use and be rejected on. If there was something so wrong or her licence was up the creek, why did Charlie send her back the next day after the jail had rejected her ?

TLB Radio said...

GrimTraveller, first, I apologize for this incredibly late reply, I obviously need to do better replying to comments.

Next, you are correct, there are other forms of id that could be rejected, but in terms of "id hierarchy" for lack of better term, if you had a valid drivers license, social security card, credit card ? some kind of state issued govt card etc, would you not agree a valid dl would be the first thing you'd present ?

If one of her other forms of id got rejected first, would she not counter with her valid dl, if she had one ?

In re: "If there was something so wrong or her licence was up the creek, why did Charlie send her back the next day after the jail had rejected her ?"

We don't know what Linda told Manson in regards to why she couldn't get in the jail.

Maybe Linda said, "they said no visitors today Charlie". Manson: "well try again tomorrow".

And even if Kasabian did tell Manson they wouldn't let her in because she didn't have a valid id, Manson was crazy enough to likely or possibly still say "try again tomorrow."

Correct me if I am wrong but your view is, she could've had the valid license and just didn't come off of it when they rejected the initial id ?

I still submit had any other id's been rejected, Kasabian would've said something like "oh well here's my drivers license" and had it been valid, she was in

TLB Radio said...

Upon further discussion on another site, it has also been brought to my attention that even if Kasabian's license was not valid, Manson and family might not have known that thus still choosing Linda because they thought she was valid.

Maybe Linda never told the Family her license was invalid or suspended.

Sherryinthe'ville said...

It was in the book Helter Skelter where I remember reading that Bruce Davis was comptroller of the group and took care of IDs and such and I assume reported to Charlie his findings. I do agree that she knew too much and needed dirty hands, or worse...I have often wondered why she was spared (fortunately) by the Family. Thoughts?

Sherryinthe'ville said...

Even if she had an out-of-state license that was unexpired, Linda would still be ok to drive if she convinced a traffic officer she was just visiting CA. I would assume one would need a current ID that corresponds with the state of the jail for visitation though.

Sherryinthe'ville said...

Here I go again...It's also possible she lied about trying to visit the jail for obvious reasons because it would leave a paper trail.

TLB Radio said...

Sherryintheville, You wrote, "I would assume one would need a current ID that corresponds with the state of the jail for visitation though."

You're wrong there.

It just needs to be a valid ID, ie, state issued ID card or drivers license from any state. Inmates have visitors from outside the state they are housed in and those visitors don't have state issued ID's of the inmates state.

However, you are correct in one can drive in any state with a valid license from any state.

Regardless, Kasabian's dl wasn't valid. Who knows if Manson or Bruce Davis knew that ?


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