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April 30, 2015

Brian Davis - TLB Radio

One reason why I support Nikolas Schreck's book so much is long before his great TLB bible called The Manson File - Myth And Reality Of An Outlaw Shaman (and I am not even going to plug the book here with a link because it's that damn good and doesn't need it) I began going down the drug burn theory road and Schreck's book and other information helped keep me as sane as possible along the way by confirming what I was finding from police reports and official documents.

While I am always open to any logical theory I lean to the drug burn because where there's smoke there's usually fire.

Here is some of the smoke I see from my own discoveries.

UNDER DRUG BURN THEORY: Some Facts and Factors

Voytek Frykowski - drugs

Jay Sebring - drugs

Joel Rostau - Drug dealer - Mafia connected

Charlene (Karleen) McCaffery - Sebring receptionist/assistant...Rostau girlfriend.

Lets start with the possibility that drugs were being dealt out of Cielo:

FBI Report says a shipment of "household goods" left England bound for LA and was

consigned to Voytek (and Roman).

This shipment was also suspected of containing drugs and US Customs was advised. 
Source: FBI Report

The Second Tate Homicide report has McCaffery informing police that Rostau was at Cielo
the day of the murders delivering drugs.

(Click To Enlarge)
Source: Second Tate Homicide Report

Right there are two pieces of seemingly solid evidence of drug dealing going out of Cielo.


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