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November 25, 2014

Jason Slater - TLB Radio

According to Brian Davis on the TLB Radio Program this past week (11/23),
Afton Burton, better known as Star or the soon-to-be Star Manson, has been
advised not to do any on-air television, radio or social media interviews at this time.

However, Star was gracious enough to do an exclusive, albeit brief , "ask me
anything" through Davis for the TLB Radio listeners.

Brian took questions from listeners earlier that day for Star then texted them to her
during the show. Star then replied back with her answers which Brian read on-air
and posted in the TLB Radio Discussion Room:

"Ask Me Anything" with Star, fiance' of Charles Manson - TLB Radio - 11/23/14:

Chatsworth Charlie: Ask Star her height & how Charlie stacks up.

Star: I am 5'4" and Charlie (even as an elderly man now) is a little taller than me.
Obviously this means that he was not 5'2" as a grown man in 1969.

Anon-1: When is the wedding?

Star: No set date yet, but probably some time in December.

Louis365: r they planning to have children? how many??

Star: No comment

Deb S: It is my understanding that the prison need to approve the marriage before
it can take place. With that in mind, does Star anticipate the prison approving?

If the prison does NOT approve that the marriage can take place is there any
recourse to reverse that decision?"

Star: The prison has already finished all of the paperwork and it has been
accepted at the county clerks office - this is why the news story broke, because
someone in the media found the record of our license.

Anyone over the age of 18 is allowed to get married. It is a right.

Deb S: I know, because I am married in the State of California, that spouses are
financially responsible for each other. If one runs up bills the other is just as
responsible to pay those bills.

Does Star anticipate that Manson could become a financial burden on her?

How does Star intend to pay for legal related expenses?

Star: No. That's not a concern for us.

Deb S: We have heard exclusively from Star about the marriage and nothing really
from Manson himself.

When can we expect to hear Manson's take on the impending marriage?

Star: If he wants to release a statement or wants me to put out an audio recording,
or even wants to talk to someone in the media - it's his choice. Sometimes he goes
a long time without wanting to say anything publicly.

Tres Hombres: From what I understand, Charlie makes a substantial amount of
money through donations and such.

Is Star going to have access to these funds?

Will she have a claim to any profits generated from the use of "Charles Manson"
as a product?

Even though Charlie can't profit from the murders, as his spouse, can she?

Star: People do send him money, however we do not get anything close to
"substantial amounts".

People on the internet seem to think that just because i have a donation button
and an online store selling Manson records, that we're raking in the cash. Not so.

Even though it's no ones business how much money we make/receive, I will say
that such rumors are false.

People make books and movies all the time and neither Charlie nor I see any of
the profits. If I do something myself, then we will be in on the profits.

Mr Poirot: Has Star ever visited Cielo, Waverly, Barker Ranch or Spahns Ranch?

Star: I've been to Spahn Ranch once, quite a few years ago. None of that crap
interests me.

But it's a nice place and I do like to climb around and hang out in nature so it was
a good time.

Anon-2: Is the wedding registry at Bed Bath Beyond legit or fake?

Star: It's fake. I dont have anything like that.

LouiseL: Does she want to have kids with Charlie?

Star: Again, no comment.

Also, according to Davis, Star said the Manson comment from the 2013
Rolling Stone magazine article in regards to the marriage, "That's a bunch
of garbage, that's trash. We're playing that for public consumption." was
fabricated and Manson never said that or anything like that.

Our special thanks to Star for the exclusive, to the listeners for submitting their
questions and to Brian Davis for another great Tate-LaBianca Radio Program
on TLB Radio.

The Tate-LaBianca Radio Program airs live Sunday's at 8p ET on TLBRadio.com

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