September 24, 2014

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Chatsworth Charlie - TLB Blogger

Hello TLB'ers !

I've been talking about this for days now so it's time for me to shut up
and put up !

One of our best TLB'ers out there, Chatsworth Charlie, sent this in but we are
in too much shock to have an answer for this.
Since it was his incredible hawkeye find, I'll let Chatsworth Charlie explain (in red):

I was watching the Hendrickson videos a couple months back (he did a Q& A)
 and I was writing down questions I wanted to ask and something caught my eye.

I recalled hearing in the TLB Radio-Schreck podcast, Schreck saying that the
drugs Bruce Davis took to Manchester England were taken from Cielo.
(Tex went there to steal a huge amount of drugs Rostau was to deliver to Cielo)

Schreck also mentions that Roman's first words when told of the murders were
"I told Jay not to do business with those F'ers in Chatsworth!"

Well, maybe it is my eyes playing tricks on me or maybe it's just something
I WANT to see but what do you think of these attached photos?

Robert Hendrickson mentions he was told to not go near the outlaw shacks
and then they walk towards the main part of the ranch.

Ok, now here are the steamer trunks found @Sharons house.........

Photo Source:

But look what I spotted @Spahns!

Photo Source: Screenshot from "Inside The Manson Gang"

Am I nuts or do you see what I am seeing?

Was this ANOTHER trunk that was used in drug deals???

I haven't been able to pick my jaw up off the floor yet to answer Chatsworth Charlie
so we ask you, TLB'ers, explanation please ? And thank you Chatsworth Charlie !


Gary Stewart said...

It does look like a blue steamer trunk.
Do we know who actually delivered them to Cielo that day?

stoner van houten said...

looks like it to me...i wish the pic was clearer....

Anonymous said...

Just tried to comment. Those are common for storing costumes in or were, since it was a movie ranch its not that unusual, in my opinion. My husband still picks them up here and there when scrapping metal. We've had a blue one and a green one.

Anonymous said...

Well....if you Google 1969 blue steamer trunks you will find a few. What does that mean? Well I originally looked it up thinking that they may have been common. They were around, I just don't know how common they were. There are a few in Google images. I don't know if I can chalk this down to coincidence but I certainly can't rule it out either.

Anonymous said...

Weren't Bruce's fingerprints found on a steamer trunk in the back of Shorty's car? I would like to see a picture of that trunk too!

TLB Radio said...

Hi Gary ! I don't know right off but that shouldn't be hard to find, I have read somewhere the trunks at Cielo were signed so maybe we can find that receipt.

Hi Stoner ! We might can fix that.

Hi Gina - That's a good explanation especially since the last movie filmed at Spahn was in 1964 so it could very well be left over.

Anons !- Great comments ! Thanks !

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Weren't Bruce's fingerprints found on a steamer trunk in the back of Shorty's car? I would like to see a picture of that trunk too!

Now THAT's interesting!

Panamint Patty said...

cool coincidence ooEEoo


TLB Radio said...

I stand corrected on the last movie filmed at Spahn's Ranch was 1964.

It has been reliably brought to my attention a slew of movies filmed at Spahn's as late as 69'.

So that would strengthen Gina's point even more.

Thanks for 4-1-1 Chatsworth !

katie8753 said...

There were 2 steamer trunks delivered to Cielo Drive on August 8, 1969. They were both still there on August 9th, after the police were called and investigated. I'm not sure I'm understanding what is being inferred.

Plus, when was Bruce Davis at Cielo Drive?

Gary Stewart said...

If there was a record of steamer trunks being delivered to Cielo on a regular basis then it might mean something.
Gina's is the logical explanation.

katie8753 said...

Boy that didn't take long. LOL.

johnnyseattle said...

I would like to shout out a bit of credit to Chats for noting the similarity between the trunks at Cielo and the ones at Spahn Ranch.
No one else has noted this.
While it doesn't necessarily prove anything, it is kind of cool on his part to have found it and proffered it up for conversation.
It's a good legit observation and something for folks to consider and either accept/reject.
Good job Chats. Glad to see you are back.

maudes harold said...

Good eye Chatsworth Charlie! I like the way you're thinking!!

I think Gina's explanation fits for this situation, tho anything is possible, especially in this case. I know as a child we had a huge steamer trunk that was a great 'toy' for hide'n'seek (or a cage for me as seen thru my older brother's eyes) Those trunks were far more prevalent back in those days.

Anonymous said...

I read Tex Watson's book for the first time tonight. When describing the Tate murders in chilling detail, he specifically mentioned the blue trunks twice. They shuffled past them in the hallway on their way to the living room when first entering the house, then later crashed into them and knocked them over when he and Susan were attacking Voytek and he was fighting for his life. That would account for the blood stains. There they are in that pic, silently resting on the floor. My God.

Sara Murphy said...

So strange that so many things that are common knowledge in this case are being missed here. Sharon’s trunks (commonly used for international travel at the time) containing her clothing from living 6 months in Europe has been sent by Roman and arrived that day around 4pm and I believe were signed for by the housekeeper before she left for the day. No mystery.


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