Anonymous said...

Good monolog about the copycat motive on the last show.Over the past few years I've changed from drug motive to copycat.

At trial the girls said that this was the motive. Tex also said that copycat was one of several motives.

The rerun show with Wendy was fantastic. What a lively character.

She brought up an issue I wondered about. That of additional bodies buried at the ranch.

Wendy said she believed a girl died in childbirth while there and the snuffs buried both somewhere at Spahn's.

If so that is so damn sad. Her family never knew what happened and none of the skunks bothered themselves to tell anyone.

Enjoy the shows and learn a lot from them.

TLB Radio said...

Anonymous, Hi ! Thank you for those nice words !

I have to admit at this point I am still leaning or at least have one foot on the "drug burn" side.

But I don't see where the "copycat" motive can be dismissed. It seems to fit.

I do think if it were the "copycat" motive that it was Manson, not the girls, who came up with the idea out of desperation for fear of going back to prison for Hinman per Bobby. I think Manson sold the idea to the girls as "got to get a brother out".

Wendy is easily one of my favorite guests !

We always read about or see the same video highlights of the Family and "life at Spahn" but we don't know what went down on a daily basis while the Family was there. So, I also had wondered about bodies being at Spahn after what Wendy said.

Thank you again for the nice comment and for the support and listening in ! Much appreciated !


Anonymous said...

This is so old it is time to put it rest

TLB Radio said...

What exactly is "so old it is time to put it rest" ?

Gary Stewart said...

Nothing old about it.
We started a helter skelter forum facebook group. All welcome.

Anonymous said...

"Old"??....heck, it's brand new everyday!

Bill Davies Jr said...


Bill Davies said...

He took an old case that the mass media presented as a done deal. And here he is the devil Charles Manson. Brian took factual information that was suppressed and covered up by the mass media and used it to open up our minds so we could find the truth on our own without brainwashing or sensationalism, therefore allowing us to think for ourselves!

Woodstock said...

Not sure this is an appropriate question for here, but I'm going to ask anyway. There used to be a website called Truth on Tate LaBianca but seems to have gone away. Does anyone k ow what happened to it?

louis365 said...

TLB Radio said...
What exactly is "so old it is time to put it rest" ?


louis365 said...

Not funny ..really. But that person's attitude is.


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