July 17, 2014
Brian Davis - TLB Radio
Gary Stewart
Gina Watkins
Was Tex Watson doing what Charles Manson told him to do or did Watson go in business for himself in murdering the seven Tate-LaBianca victims ?
Was Watson a brainwashed Mansonite or more of an independent drug-dealing thief with deeper connections to the organized crime family than the Manson family ?
Helter Skelter Forum member Gary Stewart, with the assist to TLB Radio contributing reseacher Gina Watkins, recently made one of the most incredible and original TLB observations and connections I have seen or heard in quite a while.

I would argue not since Katie from the connected Bill Garretson's polygraph comments to the police report of one of Pat Krenwinkle's known alias' has there been such a meaningful discovery in TLB research.

A couple months ago during one of our impromptu TLB Radio Special Broadcasts, I reported and actually showed listeners through our Ustream app, exactly what Gina and Gary put together !

If you missed it, here it is and you're welcome !

During a conversation of discussing the Joel Rostau angle of TLB, Gina mentioned she had a copy of the FBI file for Eugene Massaro. Massaro was Rostau's crime partner going back to the mid-sixties in Florida.

Gina then sent Gary a copy of Massaro's FBI file.

After reading Massaro's FBI file, Gary recalled a passage from Tex Watson's book,

In chapter ten, "Happy In Hollywood", Watson talks of his association with a mafia
connected drug-dealer who owned vending machines as a front for drug dealing:
"With Rich gone and Willis at work most of the time, I got pretty bored. I'd arranged to buy a kilo of grass from the dealer who'd been supplying the Family-he fronted the dope with a vending-machine company and people said he was with the Mafia-but I'd sold what wasn't used, so there wasn't even grass to keep me company." 
 As you will read in the Massaro FBI file, Massaro owned a vending machine company and was part of organized crime. Note Watson says this dealer had been supplying to the Family.

(click the images for full size)

Among other things listed in the FBI report below, Massaro was a burglar and even more interesting was Massaro's modus operandi, "injuring telephone lines".

Sound familiar?

Wonder where Tex learned his skills ? I don't think it was from the "creepy crawls".


Anonymous said...

The dates in Watson's book coincide with the date in which the FBI found out that Massaro was involved in a vending machine business. On or before March 1969.

Sources: Will you Die for Me by Charles Tex Watson on his abounding love website and Massaro's FBI files

Gary Stewart said...

The story Rostau told the cops was he made it up about delivering drugs to Cielo that night to impress Karlene.
Say that was true.
What if it was his crime partner Massaro that actually did the delivery.
Two hours later Tex Watson turns up, cuts the phone cables, ties his victims up, beats them.
Everything that is in Massaros MO.

Anonymous said...

I personally believe that Massaro was involved that night in some way or another. He had already been a part of another case that was labeled a "narcotic double cross", Massaro had also been into loan sharking and that could possibly be a loose connection to the LaBianca Case.

maudes harold said...

This is great info! Thanks for sharing! Now to read thru the docs!


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