August 09, 2017


June 22, 2017

Brian Davis - TLB Radio

In all sincere humbleness, I have to admit I have underestimated the
continued interest in the Tate-LaBianca Radio Program.

While I haven't been "flooded" with messages, I have received quite many
voicemail's, email's and other messages inquiring about the status of the
program in which, I felt I should post a long overdue update for those

As some know, I suspended our usual Sunday's broadcast last year to go
on "summer break" but upon return, began doing impromptu broadcasts in
lieu of the "official" Sunday programs.

Around Christmas, I decided to end the program but issues with certain
undesirables in the dysfunctional TLB community, an upcoming documentary
on the murders and the desire to finish the program strong kept me going until
April when I decided the final program would be no later than June 5th, 2017.

Obviously and maybe not surprisingly, that didn't happen.

While karma has taken care of my issues with the undesirable's and the
documentary shoot went fairly well, I was not able to put together the final
three or four programs in which I  wanted to finish up with strong.

So at the risk of sounding like one of those old boxers that won't go away and
keeps retiring and unretiring, but also with the urging of others, I have decided to
keep the TLB Radio Program alive at least until the fall when I'll make a final
decision on the final broadcast date.

Hopefully, by that point I will be able to produce the 3-4 quality programs in which
to end it big and closeout 6-years of pursuing the interests, oddities and truth and
the Tate-LaBianca Radio Program.

   Thank you very much for your continued interest and support !


June 22, 2017
Patricia Krenwinkel - 2015 - AP
After a six-month continuance, the 14th parole hearing for convicted
Tate-LaBianca murderer Patricia Krenwinkel continued today and
and ended with a 5-year denial.



June 21, 2017

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office has asked a California judge to
deny Leslie Van Houten a hearing regarding her "youthful offender" claim,
meanwhile Van Houten’s attorney continues to pursue release of the
Tex Watson tapes.

Read Full Details at CieloDrive.Com:



June 9, 2017

Roman Polanski, the widower of murder victim Sharon Tate, drugged and raped
then 13-year old, Samantha Geimer in 1977.

After pleading guilty to unlawful sex with a minor, Polanski spent 42 days in prison
before being released on probation as part of an apparent plea-bargain before
fleeing the United States out of fear that the judge would overrule his deal and
return Polanski to prison.  Polanski has not set foot on American soil since.

Since then the U.S. has tried numerous times to extradite Polanski with no success.

And in Suzan LaBerge fashion for the last couple years the rape victim, Geimer,
has been giving media interviews defending and supporting Polanski.

Last week Geimer stepped up her Polanski love when she appeared in a
Los Angeles court on June 9, asking a judge to drop the case against
Polanski.  The ruling is pending.

Full report from CBS Los Angeles:





(ooops, sorry, wrong show, allow me to try again)


May 25, 2017

The long awaited, anticipated, last hope effort for any legit kernel of new
information about the murders by Tom O'Neill finally has a title and a 
release date.

The book is titled "Chaos: The Secret History Of The 1960's" and is due out in
2019, not coincidentally, synced to the 50th anniversary of the murders.

I'll venture to say most people interested in TLB in 2017 have no idea who
Tom O'Neill is regarding TLB but some of us "old guard" TLB'ers know who
O'Neill is and therefore, realize the legit possibility of greatness for his book. 

  For those who don't know, Tom O'Neill is an investigative journalist having
written for the "Philadelphia Inquirer", "New York Daily News" as well as
a contributing editor at "Us" magazine before tackling the Tate-LaBianca
murders for his book project in 1999-2000.

And while most of us "old guard" used to joke through the years that O'Neill
would never finish his book because of the many consuming rabbit holes one
must jump down, it is quite understandable why it took almost two decades
to complete.

While many in the dysfunctional TLB community masquerade as a
"TLB researcher", O'Neill actually is a TLB researcher and one of the greatest
pieces of information O'Neill brought to light was the much talked about
"Tex Watson Tapes" through his association with Tex Watson's initial
attorney, Bill Boyd.

The following audio conversation between O'Neill and Boyd is the only hint
or clue publicly available as to what might be on those Watson tapes:

Tom O'Neill - Bill Boyd (Source: NBC-Los Angeles)
O'Neill also wrote two very good articles about the saga of these tapes:
The tapes would never have come to light had it not been for O'Neill, yet ironically,
O'Neill has never been able to hear them due to the Los Angeles
Police Department taking possession of the tapes where they still remain.
Thankfully, the LAPD can't take his book.
Read the O'Neill book release details here from EW Online:


Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Brian. Sad that Helter Skelter Forum is gone but good news that you will be back in action.

Plofus67 said...

How do I listen to new shows,the page with all the shows only has shows up until June '15

Gary Stewart said...

Helter skelter forum is up and running.

Anonymous said...

Just a simple question; has Brian Davis called Governor Jerry Brown's office (unverifiable) or signed Debra petition? (verifiable). If not, why not?

Anonymous said...

Let this old dog die. This program hasn't been relevant since Nicolas Shrek was on. Unverified "guests" such as Garretson's "girlfriend" (who quite enjoyed pulling your collective leg)clearly exhibits that this program has run its course and struggling to be even entertaining.

TLB Radio said...

"Anonymous", (lol) I would say let me correct you on a couple points but fact is your entire post is needs corrected.

First, I don't care if you don't like or care for me or think the program sucks but we need to keep things straight so here's how those nickels roll:

"This program hasn't been relevant since Nicolas Shrek was on"

- The first thing you need to understand is the program is actually on hiatus and has been since summer. So any programs since then has been spontaneous, impromptu broadcasts, in some instances not even TLB related, and we still draw a couple hundred listeners without any promotion etc. So, relevant ? Thankfully, your opinion doesn't carry any weight.

"Unverified "guests" such as Garretson's "girlfriend" (who quite enjoyed pulling your collective leg)clearly exhibits that this program has run its course and struggling to be even entertaining."

- Regarding Patricia, she wasn't promoted or introduced as Garretson's "girlfriend" or having ever dated Garretson. She was at the guest house that week with her best friend (name escapes me as I am posting this)who was dating Garretson's best friend, Darryl Kistler. Also she was verified.

As far as entertaining ? well, seems like you still listen, so thanks !

TLB Radio said...

Oh and one more correction, his name is spelled, Nikolas Schreck. That's verified too.

Anonymous said...

Brian, my apologies. I let my dwindling interests in this case interfere with my good manners for a moment there. You're right I did listen and I was entertained. I usually engage my brain before firing off snarky posts. Samuel Adams and boredom were factors but not a good excuse. Glad to see you are still passionate about it. I think this case has run its course. The only upcoming news will be the death of the old man and maybe parole for LVH and/or BB when Cali gets a new guvner. So, of course, it is a difficult task to bring something fresh and interesting to a weekly radio show. To tell you the truth, I came to your site tonight hoping to catch a Sunday Night show. I was bored and I hate the Dallas Cowboys. All the best to you and I am truly sorry for being an ass.

Dave1971 said...

Keep going Brian i for one love the podcasts and youre one of the very few who actually questions things instead of blindly accepting the official narrative, i really look forward to the show


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