January 07, 2017

Brian Davis - TLB Radio

Charles Manson has been moved back to Corcoran prison after being hospitalized 

earlier this week in Bakersfield, CA





January 04, 2017

Brian Davis - TLB Radio

As we sadly reported last night on our impromptu TLB Radio Program,
Bill Garretson, sole survivor of the Tate murders, passed away this past August.

Garretson was 66.

Read More Details Here



December 29, 2016

Brian Davis - TLB Radio

A California parole board has delayed the parole decision for Tate-LaBianca murderer
Pat Krenwinkle based on "intimate partner battery" claims by Krenwinkle's attorney,
Keith Wattley.

Read More From The LA Times



Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Brian. Sad that Helter Skelter Forum is gone but good news that you will be back in action.

Plofus67 said...

How do I listen to new shows,the page with all the shows only has shows up until June '15

Gary Stewart said...

Helter skelter forum is up and running.

Anonymous said...

Just a simple question; has Brian Davis called Governor Jerry Brown's office (unverifiable) or signed Debra petition? (verifiable). If not, why not?

Anonymous said...

Let this old dog die. This program hasn't been relevant since Nicolas Shrek was on. Unverified "guests" such as Garretson's "girlfriend" (who quite enjoyed pulling your collective leg)clearly exhibits that this program has run its course and struggling to be even entertaining.

TLB Radio said...

"Anonymous", (lol) I would say let me correct you on a couple points but fact is your entire post is needs corrected.

First, I don't care if you don't like or care for me or think the program sucks but we need to keep things straight so here's how those nickels roll:

"This program hasn't been relevant since Nicolas Shrek was on"

- The first thing you need to understand is the program is actually on hiatus and has been since summer. So any programs since then has been spontaneous, impromptu broadcasts, in some instances not even TLB related, and we still draw a couple hundred listeners without any promotion etc. So, relevant ? Thankfully, your opinion doesn't carry any weight.

"Unverified "guests" such as Garretson's "girlfriend" (who quite enjoyed pulling your collective leg)clearly exhibits that this program has run its course and struggling to be even entertaining."

- Regarding Patricia, she wasn't promoted or introduced as Garretson's "girlfriend" or having ever dated Garretson. She was at the guest house that week with her best friend (name escapes me as I am posting this)who was dating Garretson's best friend, Darryl Kistler. Also she was verified.

As far as entertaining ? well, seems like you still listen, so thanks !

TLB Radio said...

Oh and one more correction, his name is spelled, Nikolas Schreck. That's verified too.

Anonymous said...

Brian, my apologies. I let my dwindling interests in this case interfere with my good manners for a moment there. You're right I did listen and I was entertained. I usually engage my brain before firing off snarky posts. Samuel Adams and boredom were factors but not a good excuse. Glad to see you are still passionate about it. I think this case has run its course. The only upcoming news will be the death of the old man and maybe parole for LVH and/or BB when Cali gets a new guvner. So, of course, it is a difficult task to bring something fresh and interesting to a weekly radio show. To tell you the truth, I came to your site tonight hoping to catch a Sunday Night show. I was bored and I hate the Dallas Cowboys. All the best to you and I am truly sorry for being an ass.


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